About Puebla

Puebla, also known as the “The Heroic Puebla of Zaragoza”, and “Puebla de los Angeles”, is the fourth largest, most important city in the nation, right below Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Why should I visit Puebla?

This is the capital and most important city in the state that goes by the same name with a population clearly larger than the others cities in the state.

Puebla is a beautiful city where old and new elements join in, with a landscape surrounded by volcanoes and snowed mountains that stand as backgrounds of this colonial city with sky scrapers and almost 500 years of history. Colonial elements can easily be found in the city’s historical center, with amazing old fashion buildings of Spanish architectural features that earn the privilege to be named as humanity heritage by the UNESCO association.

What to do in Puebla?

You can find very interesting things to see, some of them nearby our doors, the following historic and tourist attractions are:

  • Puebla cathedral
  • Municipal palace
  • Serdan brothers house
  • Rosario church
  • Parina Art crafts Market
  • Alfenique Museum
  • Amparo Museum
  • Palafoxiana Library
  • Jose Luis Bellos and Zetina Museum
  • Santa Rosa Ex convent
  • Santa Monica Ex Convent
  • San Pedro Art Museum
  • Remedios Church in Cholula
  • Cholula pyramid
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